My Process

Meeting with an any wedding vendor can be a daunting task, especially if you aren’t familiar with their process. This is the process I take all of my clients through. It ensures that you are front and center and also makes sure that no detail is missed!

Initial meeting

My initial meeting with couples is really an opportunity for me to get to know them and the relationship that they have together. We discuss what they are looking for in their perfect wedding ceremony, as well as talk about their lives together.  All of the questions I ask in the initial meeting are really geared towards getting the details behind the love that my couples share and their answers serve as the content that will later form their ceremony.

Ceremony drafting

After the initial meeting and contracting I begin drafting the ceremony. 

Each ceremony that I write is 100% custom written to the couple and I provide absolute access to the drafting process. Each couple typically receives their ceremony 6 months prior to their date, giving them ample time to review the ceremony, make changes and work with me to make sure that their ceremony truly represents them.  There is no limit to how many drafts are provided. I want each of my couples to know and to be comfortable with the words that are being said because they really do matter.

Follow-up meeting 

Three months prior to the ceremony I meet with all of my couples to catch up and discuss the drafts, day of details, legal paperwork and anything else that we need to cover prior to their big day.


One scheduled rehearsal is provided prior to the wedding date. This is where we get everyone who’s involved in the ceremony to the ceremony space and practice for the big day.


On the wedding day, as the officiant, I provide spoken delivery of the ceremony to my couples and their guests. 

Legal paperwork

Following the ceremony I mail and ensure recording of all legal paperwork, making sure that your ceremony has 100% legal standing.